Close protection teams in Cheshire and North West England

Our security services are specifically tailored to the needs of our individual clients, so we always stress that you must be as honest as possible when discussing potential threats from which you need protection.

Any information confided in our protection team will be treated in the utmost confidence. Particularly delicate information can be treated in the strictest of confidence between the client and protection team leader.

MoD Close Protection Security would always recommend a complete protection team be deployed to adequately protect an individual. This would usually consist of three vehicles, three drivers and a security team of no less than seven personnel. Team sizes will vary depending on the threat level to the client and MoD Close Protection Security will give professional advice and recommended solutions, however the final decision in security measures will always be determined by the client.

In terms of flexibility, you may wish to use your own vehicle and chauffeur. However, it must be stressed that the chauffeur must be prepared to work alongside the protection team and follow strict instructions when necessary.

Further decisions to be made by the client include choosing an overt or covert protection team, as well as suitable clothing for the role. Overt teams would be visibly recognisable as the client's security team, whereas a covert team would simply blend in to the client's surroundings and remain unnoticed until such a time as an incident were to occur. As a client you may prefer your security team to dress formally, or wear more casual clothing in order to appear as friends of the client rather than a protection team.

We trust our website has provided adequate information for a potential client to briefly assess their own requirements and ensure a close protection team is the right option for them. However if you do need further information, don't hesitate to Contact Us .

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